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Writer’s Block Series.

Reject the Fear

Up until a few months ago, I had a terrible phobia of zombies. Yep, that’s right, zombies. Now, I believe in a lot of things–magic, the universe, Big Foot, ghosts, aliens–without having any sightings of them. But zombies? I didn’t believe in them, so why did they scare me so much? Turns out, after some serious self-reflection…read more.

Writing Spaces and Combating the Block.

Why did James Joyce prefer to lay on his stomach and write? Or why wouldn’t Truman Capote start or finish a piece of writing on a Friday? Why was Friedrich Schiller inspired by rotted apples? In this…read more.

Writer’s Block: Self Sabotage

Self sabotaging is a normal occurrence, at least when it’s occasional. We’ve all put our foot in our mouth every now and again. What I want to take a look at is the cycle of self sabotaging. Carl Jung found that we have archetypes in our psyche…read more.

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Story Blogs: How To’s.

7 Dialogue Tips: What We Do Say

Would you believe that only 18% of the population favors assertiveness? That means 82% of the population favor a more passive approach. That’s a whole lot of miscommunication and pent up emotion. How did it get this way?… Read more

The Inciting Incident and Key Event

I find a lot of writers aren’t clear on what the inciting incident is, and in those cases, they’ve seldom heard of the Key Event. Both are plot points in the Dramatic Structure, and both usually occur in the first act. It’s possible that the inciting incident occurs before story-time, or at the beginning, but before we get too confused, let’s define exactly what each point is. …read more.

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Personal Writing Posts

The Psychology of Writing: My journey so far.

We’ve all heard the advice “write what you know”. I thought this meant write only what you’re familiar with, physically. I’m wrong. Or at least, I’m not all the way right! You should write what you know, but you should also write what you’re passionate about….read more.


6 Wishes Beta Readers Want You To Know

We love our alpha and beta readers. Where would we be without them? I asked a few larger writing groups (Fiction Writing is the size of a city, just over 93,000 members) what the most common problems they saw when they alpha or beta read. I learned a lot from their answers and now I’m going to share them with you…read more.

5 Tips On Brilliant Book Covers

I see thousands of books every day, all day long. There are those ones that automatically grab me. I must have this book just because I like the cover and it was in my preferred genre. I won’t even read the blurb on the back. Then there are the ones that I’ll walk past a dozen times while working, and it’ll continue to catch my eye…read more.

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