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Hello, symbol jotters! Welcome to my landing page for all things writing, editing, and psychology. Glad you stopped by. I’m K. L. Reeder (you can call me Kayla, my mom does). I’m a science fiction writer, freelance editor, and blog dabbler. Here are some ways for us to connect!

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9.17.19-Check out the first interview in my Author Interview series, featuring Rich Rurshell.

9.18.19- I have a mini series called “Rejection Therapy: 100 days”. The goal is to get as many rejections as possible in 100 days and then tell you guys all about it. This goes live next week. I ask one nearly impossible request of someone per day in hopes of getting rejected. I hope to prove to all of you that if I can get used to rejection, so can you! (Note: Rejection is normal but many, me included, have a serious allergy to being rejected.) Stay tuned for a start date!

9.21.19- Check out the new Author Interview with W. Scott on the Author Interview page.

9.22.19- Over the past week, I did a study with beta and alpha readers to bring you the top tips to help you get more out of the beta/alpha process. The piece is now live, so check it out here.

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Ingerence (noun)
Definition : intrusion; interference

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